150+ Easy and Tech Free Summer Activities for the Family

Tech Free Summer Activities for the Family Over the Summer

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The last thing I want to happen this summer is for my kids to become tech junkies. Left to their own devices, they probably would. Hours would pass while they played Minecraft only to be interrupted by snack runs and bathroom breaks.

Yeah. No way.

I’m not the most ‘non-techy’ person there is so I started looking around and found a ton of ‘tech free summer activities’ to do with the family.

Sharing is caring, so I’ve got the nitty gritty of what I found. It’s a pretty long list but I bet it’ll be the only list you need because there’s more than enough to fill up your summer!

I’m gonna start with the FREE tech free summer activity lists that I found. Full disclaimer: some have the tinest bit of tech in it but I promise, not too much.

Free Tech Free Summer Activities

I heard somewhere that during the summer kids forget up to two months of what was taught the previous school year. If that’s true, I’m giving my kids some education stuff to do to avoid as much ‘backslide’ as possible.

Which is why I had to be sure to include some educational tech free summer activities, too.

5 Educational Summer Activities for Kids from the Crossword Hobbyist caught my eye because it mentioned making your own word puzzles. I’ll definitely be doing this for the kids and may even do a word search!


Outdoor Tech Free Summer Activities

When it’s not too hot (have you felt a true Charleston summer day?) we plan on spending as much time outdoors as possible. We live in the country and have plenty of yard, so the kids are always outside anyway!
Here’s some tech free summer activities to keep the at home boredom at bay. 
I usually have to semi-drag the big kids outside but my Atty? Atty is always ready to do anything outdoors. This list of 25 Brilliant Outdoor Activities for Toddlers from AtHomeWithKids.com was right up me and my 3 year old’s alley.
For the big kids, this list from Life Over C’s was perfect. My tweens need some outdoor fun, too. Glow int the dark bowling is something we’ll be pulling out on 4th of July. 
Last but not least, you can always depend on some outdoor games to get everyone enjoying the summer day. Mindfulness, Faith and Food has us covered with some must have outdoor games for the summer.
Whatever you decide on doing, the whole family will benefit from the unplugged time spent!

What kind of tech free fun have you got planned this summer?


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  • Reply
    June 23, 2018 at 5:23 pm

    I am always looking for tech free activities for my kids, especially during the Summer break. I am also trying to stay on top of doing an educational activity each day. This list is so helpful!

    • Reply
      Kanani B.
      June 24, 2018 at 1:06 pm

      Good for you! I wish I could say I made sure they did at least one educational thing a day during the summer but I’m trying to not beat myself up too much as long as they’re reading every day. I’m glad this list helped ya out!

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