8 (Fun!) and Cheap Summer Things To Do with the Kids

8 (Fun!) and Cheap Summer Things To Do with the Kids

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Summer is right around the corner and the way this weather has been shaping up…I can tell it’s gonna be a HOT one!

I’m wishing everyone’s air conditioners the best (especially mine because we don’t have central air! YIKES!)  but I know we don’t want to be cooped up in the house all the time, either!

During, this time of year I’m usually looking for cheap summer things to do with the kids.

Usually, people are asking me about activities to do with the kids at home during the summer, you know since I work from home?

I’ve gotta be honest, though, since I work from home, usually, I’m looking for cheap summer things to do with the kids OUTSIDE of the house because I don’t wanna be cooped up inside during the summer, either. 

I’m gonna share what I’ve found so far and some of what I know are sure fire ways to have an interesting and fun summer without pulling your hair out!

Just an FYI, I’ll include the links to some products that I know, love and trust. If you decide to buy, I may/may not receive a tiny commission for recommendation. Believe me, though, any earnings go right back into the blog and allow me to keep cranking out some awesome content for you!

8 Cheap Summer Things To Do with the Kids 

#1 Scope Out Your Arts & Crafts Stores

A few of the major chain stores always have cheap summer things to do with the kids (some have it all year!) . Be sure to sign up sooner rather than later since the space is usually limited! Here are a 2 of my faves and 1 meh option:

  • Michaels: Classes are really inexpensive. Starting at $2 per class, you can’t resist class offerings such as making flamingos, slime, and cupcakes.
  • Joanne’s: They’ve got great variety, too! 
  • Home Depot: They didn’t have as many choices as the others but they DO have workshops for kids (and adults!) during the summer. Check it out because maybe your city has more offerings!

#2 Go Fish!

And I’m not talkin’ about the card game. I’m talkin’ goin out in the great outdoors and do a little fishin. It may not seem like it but fishing can teach so much to our kiddos. It affords a great time to bond and teach the value of patience.

Before you go head out, find out if you need a fishing license. If you do need one, they’re pretty easy to obtain. We got ours from our local Walmart in the Sports/Outdoors section for $5.

Bonus Idea! Visit your local aquarium’s website and find out if they have a discount day. If they do, then you can go to the fish, instead of waiting for them to come to you!

#3 Go to an Outdoor Concert

Put that smartphone to use and Google ‘free outdoor concerts near me’ and you should be golden!

When you go don’t forget BYOC (bring your own chair) or blanket to enjoy some live music. Throw the bug spray in your bag along with some baby wipes and sanitizer!

Sometimes, the venue will let you bring your own cooler of food/drinks and voila! you’ve got a picnic.

#4 Take Advantage of Water Park Discount Days

We basically live in the waterpark during the summer. That can get pretty expensive for a family of 6, so we cut cost by going on ‘discount days.’ Of course, each city is gonna vary on what they offer but all county water parks in Charleston are BOGO on Tuesdays. Find deals like that to have cheap summer fun while maximizing what your city has to offer!

#5 Go Bowling

Strike out boredom and go bowling. It’s even better if it’s free! Kids Bowl Free is a non profit that registers kids to receive 2 free bowling games per day! 

Claim your free games here!

#6 Cheap Seats at the Movies

Be forewarned, the cheap seats are usually throwback kids movies. This is a good time to get caught up if the kids missed any good kid movies during the school year.

Regal Cinemas offers $1 movies all summer on select days at select times.

See Regal Cinemas Summer Movie Express lineup here!

If you wanna the latest movies in the theater, see if you have an AMC Theater near you. If you join their ‘Stub Club’ you can snag movie tickets to the latest blockbuster for $4 each.

See more details on AMC’s $5 Ticket Tuesday here!

Alternatively, you can also use Movie Pass to see the unlimited movies in the theaters starting at $9.95.


#7 Hang Out at the Library

I haven’t been to a library in for-ev-a because I (and my family) are so plugged in all the time. Books are in digital format in our house most of the time. And that’s why I’m including the library on this list.

This summer, we’re venturing back to the local library to check out all the free stuff they’ve got going on this year and to officially get us a library card.

I’m especially looking forward to signing them up for a reading challenge that incentivizes reading during the summer. I’m willing to bet that your local library has a challenge going on, too AND a ton of inexpensive activities and events they’re hosting for the kids during summer.

Visit your local library’s web site to find out when their story time and activity times are. The library near us host fun events like ‘Meet A Character’ day and sometimes arts and crafts. 

#8 Learn Something New at the Museum

Just like your local water parks likely have discount days, so does your local museums. We’ve visited some awesome museums on discount days and when we travel, I tend to look up local museums to see if we’re in town on a discount day. 

Bonus! Be Great with Groupon

Visit Groupon for deeply discounted activities and outings. When I say you’ll find a ton of cheap summer things to to with the kids, I am not kidding!

Don’t be afraid to look for things to do in locations nearby. It can give you and the fam a great opportunity to try new things and visit new places! I’ve snagged deals on BYOB art classes (hey, I took the kids lemonade!), new places to eat and even activities that are mailed to the house. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cheap summer things to do with the kids but hopefully you can take some of these ideas and really run with it.

Do you have a tech free summer activity to add to the list?

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    June 23, 2018 at 6:42 pm

    We are at the library several times a week. Story hours, craft times, just to play. They are the best! I need to remember to check out the cheap movies too!

    • Reply
      Kanani B.
      June 24, 2018 at 1:05 pm

      The library is a kinda new thing for us because we’ve been so into just using the digital library so I’m glad to get the kids out and exposed to it! Def. remember the cheap movies!

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