Increase Pin Impressions on Pinterest by 2K in 30 Days

Increase Pin Impressions on Pinterest by 2K in 30 Days

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What would you do if you could increase pin impressions on Pinterest in the next 30 days?

I tell you what I’d do…I’d get to work making whatever improvements to my account that I had to make. Pinterest is a great way to get your content, products, services, WHATEVER, ‘out there’ in front of people who actually are looking for what you’re putting out into the Universe. 

If you didn’t catch that…Pinterest IS the Universe. lol. 

I love working with other bloggers and sharing what I know, so I bring to you a collaboration. 

I paired up with Eden Fried, an awesome sauce blogger who helps other bloggers succeed, to write this post on how I increased my pin impressions by 2K in 30 days. 

Be sure to leave a comment if the tips help you out (on my blog or hers!) 

Oh and if you’d like me to write a blog post for you (or maybe you wanna write one for me?), let’s link up. 

More details on working with me here!

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